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This is Thee site for Bell ringing, Art, Paintings, trampolining, science Left handedness (I am left handed it explains alot) and most of all other sites.
(Ok it is ONE OF The sites)

You are proberably wondering why I called myself pick bus? Well I am always picking, about what people are wearing, or at my food etc. I am miss bus because that is what I always do, i miss the bus a lot! I am a student (I miss the school bus), and love art and science. I am 16, in yr12, and am studying the above subjects. this site is about bell ringing (or champanology - is that how its spelt??!) and other stuff I do. my real name is heather. I kept you wating there!
The most important thing about this website is that it isnt edited. I leave loads of spelling mistakes for you to find. this may seem silly but it is simply a way to be myself.

NEW stuff ! ! ! !
the newest (and I must admit the best) thing on this site is a science QQQQuestion and AAAnswer page. YOU ask the questioms, I answer them and YOU can improve the answeres. to go to this press on the "custom 4" link..

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my fave websites.
shes the one who got me started its:

lauralees website

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