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I started ringing in march 2002.

I have rang at;
. Abingdon with 10 bells,
. wheatley with 6 bells, they gave a website(see links
. steeple claydon with 6 bells,
. East claydon with 6 bells,
. great milton with 8 bells (they have a website too (see links))
. marston with6 bells
. and one other near the claydons which I cant find on the map but it has 6 bells.

my experiences
I decided to come along one day after there had been an open day at the chirch and I had got to ring one of the bells. they were suprisingly friendly and said they love newcomers. I started learning to do backstroke and then hand strke when I had mastered that.
It took a while for me to do both strokes confidently and I found the hardest part was standing it. if you are not a ringer some of these terms may be foreighn to you. standing means letting the bell go over so the stay (a wooden bit on the bell) holds it in place
You are going to have to see other websites in my links page for better descriptions because I am awful at them.
Soon I could do rounds and then the then guild captain (I think) suprised me into doing call changes. now I am just doing plain hunt but I can't do it without someone behind me.
I love going to new towers and would love to go to as many as I can (although some long drafts are scary)

my favorite bell is the 4
Although sometimes I like to ring on the two but it is odd struck. I gave rang the trebble and the tennor behind to hard methods because I can just make sure that my mell is the at the end every time.
The only bell I dont like in our tower is the 5 because it takes a lot lf welly to get it up to stand (I may be wrong though, I only tried it once ages ago.

Isnt this a lovely picture- nothing to do with bells though
gosh that was a long title.
any way I digress. recently my tower entered a striking competition and we came 2nd the tower who won couldn't do it cos of ilness so we went to the second round where we came last miserably, still- it was fun.

How can YOU get involved?
Most chirches are in need of new ringers and almost all will welcome you to come in and try it. I just turned up ath the chirch one day and they were realy glad that I had come. you could ask at your local chirch when the ringers practice night is and then simply go along to have a go.
alternatively the guild website has alot of the practice nights.

positives and negatives of bellringing
+ a great way to meet new friends
- it is possible to get injured(although MUCH
safer than crossing the road) and not if you dont
mess around
+ It is posible to do it if you are 10 or if you are 70 years old.
- it very dificult to ring if you are deaf (you need to be able to hear the bells
+ there is always more to learn. I knnow someone who has been ringing for and he is still learning suprise methods (very hard ones)
- you will never have mastered all the posible methods and changes of bellringing
+ you get payed for weadings

if there are any more positives of negatives or mistakes I have made please do sighn my guestbook (see homepage) I dont know how to do links.

privicy policy--all you ringers will be heard.